What are the 3 types of marketing?


There are three types of marketing, Call to Action (CTA), Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA), and Point of Purchase (PoP), and in order for them to be effective, we need to use them the right way. Using the right strategy on the right people is essential to make sure your efforts do not go to waste since it can be quite tricky. Visit the following link to learn more goaland.com.

Call to Action (CTA): Getting the audience to take action

Everyone knows what this means, or has at least come across an example of this type of strategy. It is mostly used online and you might see it on a sale campaign. An example is like "Buy now and get 40% off" or "Sign up for the free trial". If you look around you will see it everywhere. Companies love asking their audience to take action and engage. Sometimes they could ask you to redeem a 'gift' or a coupon, and sometimes it could be something as simple as following a link. The key is that they use very convincing language that suggests a sense of urgency for example; "Click now for your bonus", "Sale ends in 2 days" or "Claim your gift now".

Call to action strategies depend on what product or service the company provides and also the business model. If you are selling a tangible product, you can benefit from CTA by offering your audience free shipping privileges or discounts on some of your latest products. If you have a business model that is subscription-based, you might benefit from offering free trials to your service.

Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA)

This basically involves being the first name brand that comes to the mind of the target audience. It is completely different from CTA in that you are trying to get the target audience to think of you from the top of their head other than acting upon your request. A good example is that of Mcdonald's. They are recognized as the top fast-food restaurant and are in fact the first name brand that comes to mind when you think of fast food.

They have invested greatly in becoming a household name over the many years they have been in their line of business. Apart from billboards all across the country, TV commercials, and the various forms of advertising that they have been using, they have made themselves popular by making sure they are present in as many locations as possible. They have more than 14,000 outlets in the US alone. The fact that you find their branches everywhere you go together with their unforgettably famous logo makes them very easy to remember and very hard to forget at the same time.

It is important for any business to maintain strong brand awareness and a great customer relationship. Top of Mind Awareness is really about ranking high in the mind of your customers and making sure you come first in their minds over your competitors. In a world where people are becoming more distracted than ever, it is getting harder to capture their attention and hold it. To effectively use Top of Mind Awareness, it is crucial that you follow these steps:

Be a recognizable brand

As you build your brand, you want to put emphasis on things like your logo and company name, to make sure they stand out and that they catch the attention of anyone who sees or hears your company in different situations.

Be memorable

Apart from being recognizable, you want to stick to the minds of your target audience even when they are not hearing or seeing you. This will make sure you pop up in their minds first whenever they need a service or product that you provide.

Realize your value points

You can do this by identifying the strengths of your company and finding out what you do better than other competitors and focusing on that. Things like delivery times, lower prices, or convenience of use.

Point of Purchase (PoP)

Point of purchase is all about the time and place of a sale. This strategy initiates engagement with the audience by using discounts, special offers, and other incentives for making purchases.

In order to maximize the benefits of Point of Purchase, you should do some extensive research on where when, and how your audience buys your product

As you can see this is a key piece of a company's survival. With things like PIM that can be used to share reliable information with all the departments involved, you can easily provide a superior customer experience that is seamless and also provide product information of the highest possible quality to management for your company's growth.

So now that you know about CTA, TOMA, and PoP, you can be on the lookout for which strategies you may notice in the adverts on TV and billboards. If you are looking to use one or two of them, make sure to do some research to improve your marketing.

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