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Yacht charter

Published on : 24 August 20214 min reading time

If you ever go to Croatia for vacation and are interested in renting a boat rental service yet you don’t know where to start; you are in luck. Below is a guide covering all the basics of boat chattering in Croatia and all the fun activities in Croatia.

How to charter a boat in Croatia

The steps to landing your desired boat are pretty straightforward. First, you’ll need to visit a site and inspect all the vessels in their inventory. Once you go through their inventory list, you’ll need to settle on the boat that appeases you the most. Afterward, you’ll contact the renting company and inform them of the vessel you are interested in and where you’d like to sail. From there, they will send you a detailed list of the boats available, plus their charter details.

After that, they will expect to hear from you regarding the boat you would want to rent. After confirming your desired vessel, the charter company will send you official documents like the contract, policies, and the mode of payment. They’ll expect you to review these documents within seven days and mail them back to a signed copy of the papers. Upon completing the paperwork and the mode of payment settled, you will be free to collect the vessel as agreed.

What you need to rent a yacht in Croatia

The requirements for renting a boat from charter services like SamBoat are simple. All that is need from you is your crew list (both surname and first name.)Next, you’ll be required to issue a passport number and a copy of your skipper’s license—particularly if you are renting one without a skipper. lastly, you will need to issue out your phone number, time of departure, and other additional documents required to sort out the ‘paperwork.’

Can you rent a yacht in Croatia without a license?

Yes, it is possible to rent a boat in Croatia without a license; that’s why most boat rentals in Croatia permit individuals to rent yachts and boats minus a permit. Sadly, the laws and regulations in Croatia prohibit characters from operating vessels without a license. This means that regardless of having the freedom to rent a cruiser without a permit, you must have a certified operator to cruise the boat.

Why go to Croatia?

Recreational activities in Croatia are infinite because of its diverse landscapes. Additionally, the federal government in Croatia is tirelessly working to make the country a tourist destination. Because of this reason, tourists all over the country are likely to receive a royal-like welcome into the country. Also, the endless beaches, the colossal ocean cover, and numerous yacht charter services make Croatia a must-visit destination.

What are the dos and don’ts of renting a vessel in Croatia?

  • Do hire a boat with a skipper.
  • Do take small risks.
  • Don’t operate a boat without a license.
  • Do your research and budget before acquiring a boat.

The bottom line

All in all, whether you are a skilled seafarer or an amateur sailor, this guide will come in handy to help you land the best vessel from start to finish. With that in mind, it would only be appropriate that you focus on how you’ll have fun at sea and how you’ll enjoy your holiday. Last but not least, you should focus on how you, your crew, and your friends will take care of each other at sea in case of emergencies. Having said that, ensure you research each aspect of sailing and inform yourself of any requirements, be it legal or medical.

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