Nokia designs pen-based nokia 6108 handheld

Published on : 07 April 20224 min reading time

Created at Nokia’s Item Creation Centre in Beijing, the stylishly compact and feature-rich Nokia 6108 has tri-band (GSM 900/1800/1900) functionality, a high resolution colour display, MMS(Multimedia Messaging Service), Java(TM), a built-in e-mail client, an XHTML browser, a “Chinese-English-Chinese” dictionary and enhanced functions for Chinese language customers within the region. TheNokia 6108 will probably be commercially accessible in Asia Pacific markets throughout the third quarter of 2003. Created for Chinese language customers in Asia Pacific, the distinctive form aspect from the Nokia6108 was produced by designers in Nokia’s Item Creation Centre in Beijing. 1 of Nokia’s international R&D sites, the Nokia Item Creation Centre in Beijing has played a key role within the design andcreation of this new pen-based Nokia 6108 to cater to the local needs in China and other markets within the Asia Pacific region. “As 1 of Nokia’s largest market worldwide, China is of greatimportance to us for our international success. The Item Creation Centre in Beijing bears testimony to Nokia’s commitment in this market.

We believe that localisation is key for markets in this region,which have distinctive consumer needs and preferences. As we are now witnessing the mass market uptake of SMS in China, the introduction of an intuitive pen-based mobile telephone will probably be ideal inmeeting consumers’ needs,” said Robert Andersson, Senior Vice President, Nokia Mobile Phones, Asia Pacific. “Nokia’s understanding from the China market and consumer needs is reflected inthe strong Chinese-motivated design and functions incorporated within the Nokia 6108. The design from the Nokia 6108 with a stylus attached to the back from the telephone was inspired by the historicTerracotta warriors, depicting a Chinese warrior carrying a sword on his back.

In view from the growing popularity of messaging in China, we believe that the Nokia 6108 will present a veryattractive offering to the broader consumer segment in China and this region with its intuitive pen input capability to enhance messaging and other functions such as the “Chinese-English-Chinese”dictionary, an extensive set of Chinese characters and the Lunar Calendar,” said Colin Giles, Vice President & General Manager, Nokia Mobile Phones China. Created with a stylish built-intouch padand an easy-grip, non-slip stylus, the Nokia 6108 enabled by its intuitive pen input capability recognises the handwriting of both Chinese and Latin characters for convenient message sendingand note taking.

The telephone supports both handwriting and keymat input. To utilise the handwriting recognition function, lifting the keymat will reveal a built-in touch padwhich allows the easy entryof both Chinese and Latin characters. Another new and attractive function, which will appeal to Chinese language customers is the “Chinese-English-Chinese” dictionary offered within the Nokia 6108. Thedictionary provides a direct translation of Chinese words to English and vice versa. Other enhanced functions for Chinese language customers include an extensive Chinese characters set, the Lunar Calendarand an attractive range of themed wallpapers depicting the five Chinese elements- Metal, Wood, Water, Earth and Fire.

With support for 4096 colours, the Nokia 6108’s high-resolutioncolour display (128 x 128 pixels) enhances the XHTML browsing, calendar entry and phonebook functions as well as enriches the use of Java applications, MMS and games. The telephone also supports ahost of new animated graphics, polyphonic ringtones and an integrated handsfree speaker. For enhanced personal management, the Nokia 6108 is equipped with a personal organizer, which supportsthe Note function, mobile e-mail function, advanced calendar and a phonebook with a large memory. With SyncML, personal data such as calendars and contact information can be synchronised remotelyover the network, accessible and up-to-date. Local synchronisation of personal data can also be done via the Nokia PC Suite. The PC Suite enables customers to synchronise telephone information with acompatible PC, install software, configure telephone settings and make back-ups of telephone files.

The wallet application within the Nokia 6108 allows easy, reliable and convenient service access and mobilepayment. Via its Pop-Port(TM) interface, the Nokia 6108 supports the Nokia Camera Headsetwhich enables customers to take digital images to send as MMS. This means that the Nokia 6108 can send,receive and forward MMS with text and image content to other compatible MMS-enabled phones. The Nokia 6108 weighs 98 grams and has a talktime of 3 to 7 hours hours and a standby time of 170 to410 hours. The telephone is accessible in three attractive colour options- Silver Blue, Silver Yellow and Silver Rose- within the standard sales package. Developers interested increating software applications for the Nokia 6108 can source item specifications, obtain technical assistance and download tools from Forum Nokia, Nokia’s international developer programme,

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