Leaked dell road maps show next-gen smartphones, tablets on the horizon

Some allegedly dependable sources have leaked internal Dell documents laying out plans for its coming smartphone and tablet goods.Fan blogs WPCentral and AndroidCentral have acquired internal item maps for Dell's forthcoming smartphone and tablet lineups.  According towards the pictures, we are able to anticipate 3 new smartphones along with a selection of tablets from Dell from now till the very first quarter of 2012. Here's a fast rundown of what is apparently coming our way.Smartphones

Venue Pro updateIn a bit greater than a month, Dell will update the Venue Pro. We're guessing this indicates multitasking for the Venue Pro, which Microsoft has been promising it'll upgrade for Windows Telephone 7s within the close to future. "Near future" ought to come sometime in April.Wrigley, a next-generation Windows Telephone 7 deviceThe long-awaited Windows Telephone 7 OS upgrade is not something to shed sleep more than, we know. But within the third quarter, Dell is launching some thing codenamed Wrigley, that is decidedly much more excited: which will use the next-generation of Windows Telephone 7. A appear in the specs:Vertical, QWERTY slide-out keyboard1GHz CPU4-inch display; 800 x 480 resolution8-megapixel camera; 720p video recording

Hancock This Dell addition will function Android Ice Cream and launch in September. This really is the only horizontally-positioned smartphone, with its personal slide-out keyboard. Verify out its specs:4-inch qHD displayFront- and rear-facing camerasDual-core processor1080p video recording

MillenniumIn the fall, Dell is set to introduce this Android Ice Cream device. The tiny image and specs (see beneath) make it appear like this telephone deviates probably the most from the rest from the lineup.4.3-inch qHD displayDLNA support8-megapixel front-facing camera with VGA resolutionDual-core processor

Dell is not kidding about with regards to tablets this year. The Streak 7 is scheduled for an update, and also the Gallo will probably be right here in April with Honeycomb included. A Windows 7 tablet internally known as Rosemount is set to debut in June. Based on reports Apple iphone 4 accessories, this ought to be a 10-inch tablet, and as you are able to see it'll function a 1,366 x 768 resolution HD display.The Android-OS Sterling will adhere to soon following within the fourth quarter. Conveniently, about CES 2012, Dell is scheduled to unveil 3 tablets - the Opus 1 and Silver Oak (each operating Honeycomb) and Peju. There was speak that a tablet operating Windows 8 could've produced it to this most recent CES iPad accessories, but apparently that is within the cards for subsequent year with Peju.It ought to go with out saying that all of those goods are very topic to alter, and it would not be terribly surprising if some thing had been killed off or replaced. But customers ought to a minimum of have the ability to get an concept of whats within the cards for Dell this year.

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