Healing through lithotherapy

Litho therapy

There is an increase in healing energy nowadays that is derived from the ancient practices of healing by the use of natural stones and crystals. It is the utilization of science through gems that communicate by vibration into your body since they are of the same minerals to the ones in the body. The energy releases a healing power that impacts the body with a sense of balance, harmony, peace, a calm mind, and general deep relaxation.

How it Works

Litho therapy acts as a healing power that allows energy to flow into your body and eliminate toxic or harmful energy. According to the different stone properties, they carry various forces that are channelled into your energy levels and focus on healing from the inside. The stones are natural; thus, they harness the energies of the oceans, sun, and the moon to boost your state. Your body vibrates at the same pitch as these crystals, thereby maximizing their healing abilities. With such skills, once they get placed on your body, they give you a comforting feeling and make you feel at ease. Click here to learn more about various natural stone jewellery.

Your body has different receptivity to different stones depending on the mineral levels and the size of the stone. The specific vibrations and frequencies also depend on their molecular composition, which is scientifically proven to uplift your health considerably. If you are in a bad mood, they act like magnets by absorbing negative energies and welcome fresh vibes. These gems can even be worn as jewellery or kept in a room and still have positive effects.

It is a safe Method

To become a crystal healer, you have to pass a certification to gain the needed knowledge. In some states, the practice gets done through massage therapy, where you are also required to have a license. You, therefore, need to attain or fulfil specific criteria in schools, universities, or an established organization. Crystal healing distances itself from a person’s spiritual or religious beliefs; thus, you only require enthusiasm and the intention to recover. Some parents use the Baltic amber on their toddlers during the teething stage to ease or take away the pain. The pain-relieving substance released from the amber gets into the baby’s skin and into the bloodstream to ease the pain. Other gems are also used for various ailments such as inflammation of the respiratory system, stomach, and ears.

Patients cured in this method do not suffer from any side effects, unlike other methods. If continually performed by taking necessary precautions, it will continue helping people for mental and physical problems. However, doctors advise that you avoid substituting this practice to heal life-threatening diseases but instead use it as a complementary solution to conventional medicine. It should be for a limited degree, especially for stress management, to induce relaxation.

Best Healing Stones

Semi-precious stones or crystals have mostly been utilized as ornaments but are now used for their healing power. They transmit different energies to your body based on the stone properties. If you are stressed, aquamarine and toned blue agate promoted relaxation while the red one brings in power in your body since it aids in detoxification. Lapiz lazuli gives you good moods, treats recurrent headaches, and regulates blood pressure. Malachite promotes balance and tranquillity as well as cleansing the liver. Rock crystal acts like a magic stone to alleviate pain, activate energies, and harmonize environments. The emerald gem will boost your memory, increase energy level, and boost fertility.

When you are determined to achieve a particular goal in an activity, use Coral for better results and enthusiasm. When doing your studies, tiger’s eye comes in to boost concentration levels, keep you in good moods, and regulate energy. Granite stimulates your immune system, improves fertility, and improves social relations. For those who love cooking, your nutrition will be better when using the yellow quartz gem, and your energy level will grow. The Rose quartz helps to comfort you in times of loss, promote self-esteem and creativity. When undergoing moments of fear and depressive state, onyx helps in balancing your mind. If you fought with someone, use amethyst to appease the conflict and have a peaceful reconciliation. Pearl promotes tranquillity, sweetness, and regulates female reproductive functions. Garnet is useful in boosting creativity, energy, and libido levels.

Benefits of Litho therapy

The use of natural gems is increasingly being utilized globally as a therapy of support for better well-being. It is a holistic energy technique due to the various stone virtues that help you to eliminate emotional stress, especially during phases of depression. Depending on the stone you are using, they have strengthening, protective, calming, or stimulating effects on the body. You get to benefit from some of the gems by just carrying or wearing them as jewellery. They have high curative powers because they are vibrational; thus, they can naturally penetrate to even the smallest cells in our bodies. They aid in removing emotional blockages, negative energies, and tensions that have accumulated in your body and lead to diseases and deprivation of power. Therapy sessions lead to the realization of spiritual and physical virtues as well as inner strengthening and self-knowledge. It is useful and acts fast, whether in adults, children, or animals. It’s an easy tool to work with since you only require the knowledge of minerals to act as an invisible brilliance.

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